Radically Smarter Commerce

12. Headless CMS

June 2, 2021

In episode #12 of Radically Smarter Commerce, we talk to Sonja Keerl, Global Head of Product Marketing at Contentstack, CO-Founder, and Vice President at MACH Alliance 

Contentstack is the hub powering omnichannel content, digital experiences, and personalized customer journeys. It is the industry leader in the headless content management system (CMS) category. 

The topic of this episode is Headless CMS.  

What is CMS? Sonja explains what CMS and headless CMS is and how it works. CMS gives more control to the business users if you pick the right one. 

We talk about how the barriers between IT and marketing are breaking down. The importance that marketing needs to understand technology a little better and IT needs to understand the business a little better.  

Is Headless really an approach for everyone?  

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