Radically Smarter Commerce

9. Headless commerce

April 21, 2021

For this episode we have invited Kelly Goetsch, CPO at Commercetools.

Previously ATG and Oracle. Kelly is also co-founder of the MACH Alliance and co-host of the CommerceTomorrow podcast. As if that were not enough, he is also author of four books: eCommerce in the Cloud (2014), Microservices for Modern Commerce (2016), APIs for Modern Commerce (2017) and GraphQL for Modern Commerce (2020).


Commercetools is the market leader in headless commerce and Kelly explains what headless commerce is and how it works. What are the differences between modern commerce, headless commerce and composable commerce?  

How does the future look? Will our shopping behaviour be different? Can you connect social shopping to your headless commerce? 

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